About Little Big Horns

Jeff White Family

My wife Lori and I along with our daughters Lauren and Parker live in White Oak, Texas. It is a small community outside of Dallas. We enjoy our church home, school activities, movie time, and travel very much. My wife works to find adoptive homes for foster children with the State of Texas. My oldest daughter Lauren, is a Majorette, “Band Geek”, and Texas State Choral member. Parker is a tree climber, motor scooter fanatic, cartwheel expert, “ Daddy watch this “, and a lover of the Chicken Nugget.

In 1988 I started building antler products full time. As a traveling salesman, I loaded down the truck with my latest creations and hit every furniture store I could find. Within two years I had what I thought was a pretty complete line of, well let’s just say, “Odd Stuff”.  “Odd Stuff” became Little Big Horns in 1990 when I opened a showroom in the World Trade Center in Dallas, Texas.  This new workload, from decorators and retail stores to Japanese businessmen, would help me gain knowledge of the antler itself along with an ability to work with a variety of personal tastes and preferences.

As I scoured every home decor magazine for “what works and what doesn’t”, I learned that living rooms were now called Great Rooms, 10 Acres could be referred to as the Ranch, and a downtown loft was known as “the Getaway”. Clients, their decorators, painters, builders, and even plumbers began to pepper me with questions about how antler fixtures could be a primary part of their decor. Quickly, I was trouble shooting how we could incorporate antler into the faucet, the iron chandelier, cabinets, beds, etc. The clients seemed to have as much fun designing as I did.  I started to use a phrase that placed the client in the roll of artist/creator. “Your imagination can create a whole new product.” I have used it on every piece of advertisement since 1991.

The area I live in is filled with large ranches, big lake houses, and limestone fortresses spread across the horizon. It has given me an opportunity to meet and work for some fabulous people. Many were in positions to open doors of great opportunity for Little Big Horns. Magazine photo shoots, national TV exposure, personal benefits and repeat referrals would only be a few examples of the wonderful blessings I have received. Some of my repeat customers have led me to acquire a new slogan: THINK OUTSIDE THE RANCH.

I thank all who have helped me to refine my craft over the years. Your repeat business as store owners, decorators, personal buyers, and all around friends has kept a fire burning in me to keep being creative. For all the new comers, I hope to work for you soon! And remember, “Your imagination can create a new product!”, so Think Outside The Ranch.

~ Jeff White