About Little Big Horns

Jeff White Family

My wife Lori and I along with our daughters Lauren and Parker live in White Oak, Texas. It is a small community outside of Dallas. We enjoy our church home, school activities, movie time, and travel very much. My wife works to find adoptive homes for foster children with the State of Texas. My oldest daughter Lauren, is a Majorette, “Band Geek”, and Texas State Choral member. Parker is a tree climber, motor scooter fanatic, cartwheel expert, “ Daddy watch this “, and a lover of the Chicken Nugget.

In 1988 I started what would soon become Little Big Horns. In a barn just outside Dallas, Texas, I spent my weekends trying to recreate the images of antler chandeliers, sconces, and candelabras that I had found in photos of beautiful European castles. Within a few short months, I found that I had stumbled onto something big and exciting as the design of the times became “Texas Ranch” style. It seemed that everyone wanted antler fixtures in their home that would reflect the iconic images of a Western ranch on the plains. I often wondered how designers seemed to miss the timeless beauty and natural elegance that antler fixtures added to those great European halls and pubs “across the pond”.

More than 25 years later, it has been exciting for me to see the increased recognition and appreciation of the unique flexibility that antler lighting and furniture can bring to home design. You can now find antler accents in every type of décor all across the United States. Whether your design preference is classic country ranch, eclectic and modern, or old world European elegance, antler furniture can add a distinctive and timeless accent to your home. 

When I started this journey, I had no idea the craft of building antler furniture would lead me to the wonderful opportunities I have experienced over the years. It has been a blessing to create antler designs for the homes of celebrities such as Ross Perot, Ted Turner, and Don Henley as well as numerous pro sports figures. I have been blessed to build pieces that have been commissioned for Broadway shows, movie studios, and most recently, pieces in The Modern Museum of Art in Mexico City. However, my greatest joy comes from working with individuals to design the antler creation that they are proud to display in their home. 

My hopes are that you too can find something in these pages that you just can’t live without! Please don’t let what you see here limit your creativity. I want your imagination to create a new product. Remember to “THINK OUTSIDE THE RANCH” and let me work with you to build the  perfect piece for your home!

Blessings to all, Jeff White